Why did we set up Prospr?

It’s simple: we care, and we want to help. Yes, the UAE is full of opportunities, but getting started isn’t easy. We want to help you navigate the market, make those important introductions, and support you through investing, relocating and more. We’ll be here as long as you need us, and hope to make your experience an enjoyable one.

Our values

We want your investment to be a success

Prospr aims to provide support and guidance to expats, investors and relocators, underpinned by honesty and a realistic approach. We will never, ever be pushy or recommend any route that we don’t believe is the right one for you. That’s why investors trust Prospr’s advice.

Meet the Prospr team

We’re Samad and Ruman, the business partners who founded Prospr. Deciding to move abroad wasn’t an easy step to take. We both felt the urge to escape the reality of day-to-day rat-race life in the UK. Conversations with family and friends felt limited to plans for the weekend and how to make additional money to enjoy life. 

Taking on extra jobs seemed further away from what we were both seeking: memorable quality time with those who matter the most. Driven by this mindset, we both packed for the UAE, bringing our families along for this next chapter. 


The “how” was completely unknown to us. We did what you would expect, Google searches and scrolling multiple websites. Nervously making payments to a company abroad to help secure our visas, speaking to brokers that were quick to sell but slower to advise. All of a sudden, the reality and logistics of moving abroad hit us, and it wasn’t going the way we’d planned.

Three months into our journey, realising funds were running low, we reluctantly returned to the UK. After experiencing this amazing period packed with great memories and much better work-life balance, we very quickly realised the UK was no longer home and that we needed to get back to the UAE.


Now we had the experience, we were better equipped to budget, plan and create a sustainable plan. We took our time to save, source and secure multiple income and revenue streams, while exploring the different housing options.

It’s been quite the journey! Our experience has given birth to Prospr, a knowledge hub that we would like to share with others planning their moves and/or commercial ventures abroad. With help from Propsr, they can avoid the pitfalls and be ready for a sustainable future in the UAE.

Ready to take
a step forward?

We want to get to know you a bit better, so we can understand how best to support you. Please complete our application form, and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch. We’ll then arrange our first telephone call.

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I’m already in the UAE and want to invest. Can I still work with Prospr?

Absolutely! We’re based in the UAE and the UK, and can advise ex-pats who have decided to start a business or invest in property.

What do your workshops cover?

We hold a series of fact-finding workshops for individuals hoping to invest in the UAE. Take a look at our Workshops page to find out more.

Where is Prospr based?

We are based in the UAE, which is why we’re in such a good position to advise you! However, we also have colleagues in the UK, and most of our conversations and workshops can take place remotely.

Is UAE investment right for me?

It’s important that we understand your reasons for investing or relocating, so we can give you an honest appraisal of what’s right for you. If we don’t think the UAE is the best move for you, we’ll say so. We’re always frank and honest with our customers, and never pushy.