UAE as a hub for business opportunities

The UAE attracts businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Why? Firstly, its currency, the Dirham, is stable, and there are no corporate or income taxes to pay. Those are good foundations for a business venture.

Secondly, business and investments are cultural here. The cities buzz with some of the brightest minds in business and finance, creating a pool of business opportunities unlike that anywhere else in the world.


Starting a business in the UAE

Excited about starting a business in Dubai? If you have energy and determination, and are willing to work hard, the business opportunities in the UAE are limitless. You also need a strong business head, as this really is no place for rookies. While a proven record of success is advantageous, it’s important to have a well-defined vision, direction, and insights into the UAE market. Feeling bold? This could be your best-ever venture.


How Prospr supports business investments

You’ve seen the gleaming commercial buildings of Dubai and other UAE Emirates. Excited enough to start a business yet wondering how to start a business? Trust Prospr! Let’s work towards making this a reality. Prospr will go through your business plans, finances, and history, and discuss what your viable options are. And yes, we’ll give you a reality check. This won’t be easy (but that’s part of the appeal, right?).


All in one support

After our detailed workshops, specially designed to help you decide whether you should take the initiative to start a business in the UAE, we can offer top-notch guidance and support for the best business setup services.

As expats ourselves, we understand the complexity of launching a business in the UAE, enabling us to provide you with the most realistic advice and support. We will offer practical advice tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Grooming business opportunities in the UAE

Creating a bright and prosperous future takes time, thought and a whole lot of effort. Before you make that move, stop and collect your thoughts. We aim to guide and advise ex-pats on the most profitable investments in the UAE and surrounding areas.

  • Investment Guides
  • Exclusive Opportunities
  • Guidance & Advice

We’ll spend time with you helping you to understand the markets and the culture, and then you can make more informed decisions about your UAE move. Following are top investment opportunities:

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Business consultancy
  • Travel and Tourism


I’m already in the UAE and want to invest. Can I still work with Prospr?

Absolutely! We’re based in the UAE and the UK, and can advise ex-pats who have decided to start a business or invest in property.

What do your workshops cover?

We hold a series of fact-finding workshops for individuals hoping to invest in the UAE. Take a look at our Workshops page to find out more.

Where is Prospr based?

We are based in the UAE, which is why we’re in such a good position to advise you! However, we also have colleagues in the UK, and most of our conversations and workshops can take place remotely.

Is UAE investment right for me?

It’s important that we understand your reasons for investing or relocating, so we can give you an honest appraisal of what’s right for you. If we don’t think the UAE is the best move for you, we’ll say so. We’re always frank and honest with our customers, and never pushy.