Thinking of moving to the UAE?

The UAE can be wonderful places to live, and offer an extremely high standard of living. There are tremendous opportunities here for employment, education, financial investment and business.

However, relocating to the UAE is also about making a conscious decision that you’re ready for a different lifestyle.

A move to the UAE is an investment in yourself.


Is the UAE right for you?

If you are serious about moving to the UAE but want to know more, our series of workshops is the best starting place. We’ll help you think it through, by identifying your goals, realistically appraising your finances, and giving you a full picture of building a life in the UAE. We won’t be shy about discussing the pitfalls and potential issues.


Practical relocation support from Prospr

We can bring structure into your transition to the UAE. Our team can support you with everything from housing options to finding friendly expat groups to help you settle in. We can also help with paperwork, such as your visa, health insurance and setting up a bank account. You may already be in employment: if not, we can help there, too, as well as advising on education and training options. You’re in safe hands with Prospr.

Are you ready to relocate?

Your UAE adventure starts here. Complete our application form, then we’ll be in touch for an initial consultation. 

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