Helping expats invest in the UAE

The UAE offers incredible investment opportunities for those wanting to make a profit from property or set up a business in a dynamic market. We also work with people who simply want to move here from the UK for a new and better lifestyle.


Prospr is here for you

Prospr is more than an agency. We’ll be your main point of contact, your sounding-board, your go-to support – and your voice of reason. If something isn’t right for you, we’ll say so, and explore alternatives. Investing in or relocating to the UAE is a complex process, and Prospr is here to advise at every step.


Who do we support?

At Propsr, we work with people within and outside the UAE who are interested in investment opportunities. This can be property, commercial or lifestyle investments.

  • Already in the UAE? We want to speak with you to discuss your options, and help you achieve your financial goals.
  • In the UK? We can provide you with the tools and network to make your investment and/or relocation journey easier.

Wait! Take a breath…

Creating a bright and prosperous future takes time, thought and a whole lot of effort. Before you make that move, stop and collect your thoughts. 

We’ll spend time with you helping you to understand the markets and the culture, and then you can make more informed decisions about your UAE move.

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  • Exclusive Property Opportunities
  • Guidance & Advice